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My husband says that he is an addict. How can this be possible when he still has a good job?

A: Understanding how a person can be dependent on alcohol or drugs and still keep a good job is difficult. The media often portray people with substance use disorders as unemployed, unproductive, criminal, and homeless. However, many people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs do not fit this stereotype; they have jobs and live with their families. The disease does tend to worsen over time. Eventually, your husband’s drug use may increase, and, with no help, he may begin to experience more serious problems. The earlier your husband can get treatment, the better chance he has of recovery

 What are these “sober life skills” my partner talks about?

A: Sober life skills are the new behaviours and ways of living that your partner will need to work on. Before treatment, your partner spent a great deal of time obtaining a substance, using drugs or drinking alcohol, and getting over the substance’s effects. Most of his or her activities centered on drugs or alcohol. Most of his or her fun activities included drinking alcohol or using drugs, and many of your partner’s friends used or abused substances, too. For these reasons, people recovering from substance use disorders need to learn a whole new way to live and to make new friends.


My father is the one who drinks too much alcohol. Why do the counsellors want to talk to me?

A: Treatment professionals know that substance use disorders affect the whole family. It makes sense, then, to offer help to the whole family. Some programs offer family education, and others involve the family or couples in counselling sessions. It’s hard to grow up with a parent who uses alcohol or drugs. It can be helpful if you learn more about the disease and the effect it has had on your family and on you. Talking to someone who understands substance use disorders can make a big difference for you